Samantha Stefanou

Samantha Stefanou Graduate of Architecture, Carr Design Group
Master of Architecture 2014

The process of architecture is quite extraordinary. My role is to take a set of parameters – effectively, my brief – and impart my own design sensibility and personality onto the project. I enjoy the variety of challenges that presents and every day, I get to sharpen my skills in problem solving, communication and design. I learn from those who inspire me and I’m fortunate that I can shape my career to follow my interests.

My time at Monash was pivotal in preparing me for working within the industry. The structure of classes and assessments is really quite an accurate reflection of what it can be like working within an architectural practice and my studies helped shape my design sensibility by teaching me the importance of observation and to appreciate and carefully document context. Monash also helped me learn to work autonomously and to self-critique my work – skills I’ve found to be invaluable in shaping my professional development.