Tess Carpenter

Tess Carpenter Interior Designer, Siren Design, Melbourne
Bachelor of Interior Architecture (honours) 2014

My Monash degree is multidisciplinary, I’m able to work in interior architecture and graphic design.

Tess Carpenter

After graduating from Monash, I got a job as an interior designer for Melbourne’s Siren Design. I really enjoy working with clients to create cutting-edge workplaces that increase their workers’ productivity, health and wellbeing. My favourite part of the job is ‘conceptual visualisation’, where I get to create photo-realistic 3D images of new spaces and experiences.

My Monash degree was very multi-disciplinary – I’m able to work in both interior architecture and as a freelance graphic designer. Most importantly, I learned how to use critical conceptual thinking to push the boundaries of what is possible in design. That helped me get a job where I can contribute fresh and innovative thinking to the work I create every day.

See more of Tess’ work at https://www.tessjcarpenter.com