Dr Duncan Maxwell

Dr Duncan Maxwell

Dr Duncan Maxwell

Research Program Lead, Future Building Initiative

Department of Architecture

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Graduate research supervisor

Dr Duncan W. Maxwell is a Senior Lecturer, leads the Future Building Initiative at Monash University, and is Digital Program Lead of Buidling 4.0 CRC. In addition, he is a Registered Architect (Qld: #4821).

Duncan's research interests lie in the future of the construction industry, with an emphasis on the industrialisation and digital transformation of building design, production, and assembly. In addition to a PhD from the University of Sydney (2018), he holds an MArch from the University of Tasmania (2008), and BSc from Robert Gordon University (2006) in Scotland.

His research is conducted in an applied mode, working closely with industry on 'live' problems and projects. Research interests focus on the role of design in the future building industry, prefabricated building systems, advocating for a greater design emphasis in platform-based construction, and the utilisation of design as a strategic tool across the building value chain, for example in supply chain & logistics activities.

Through the teaching of the "Industrialised Building" studio, Duncan pursues the communication of research to students in order to expand the concepts and thinking that underpin the industrialisation of construction. Further, he is Research Program Lead (Digital) for Building 4.0 CRC and works with the CRC to coordinate Monash University’s research contributions.

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