Facilities and Technical Support


Facilities and Technical Support

Latest Update: 26/04/21

Skedda: New booking system for students and staff in MADA workshops and studios

We are now using Skedda (the online booking platform) in our workshops and studios. It has a traditional calendar view and we think it is very intuitive. With Skedda you will be able to book yourself into the workshop or studio you need at a time that suits you.

To register for Skedda, visit your (core unit) Moodle page. On that page you will find a unique link for your student cohort with clear instructions to follow. This will show you how to register using Single Sign On (Okta).

Once you have registered for Skedda you will need to complete the New General Access Quiz for the workshop you want to book into (if you haven’t already). These can be found on the workshop and studio pages below. Once completed, you will have permission to book into the workshop or studio through Skedda (within 24hrs).

Once registered you can access Skedda via any browser or on your phone.

Note 1: In Skedda you will only see spaces that are available for you to book. If you cannot see the space you want, it is most likely because you have not done the New General Access quiz for that area.

Note 2: dFab will not take bookings for access to laser cutters or 3d printers. This equipment will remain as part of the bureau service, in order to keep up with demand. Access can be requested for other equipment e.g: scanner, vac former, wire bender through the consultation forms.

Note 3: If you cannot find the Skedda registration link on your Moodle page please contact your lecturer.

Key to the Level of Risk:

Low: General access no induction needed.
Medium: Induction and training required, followed by access during normal hours of operation with general staff supervision.
High: Induction and training required, followed by restricted access with constant staff supervision.
Very High: No student access. Technical staff only.

The risk banding for each workshop or studio is indicated under their headings above. Multiple risk bandings may apply in one workshop or studio depending on the equipment or processes being used in that area. For further information on specific inductions/ training for each area please follow the links to the relevant workshop or studio.