Facilities and technical support


Facilities and technical support

Great News!!! Starting from Tuesday 26 May, 2020, we will have limited access to the workshops for select cohorts of students by appointment only. Please note that due to physical distancing requirements the numbers are limited.

Workshop access is available by appointment for the following cohorts only until further notice: Researchers : Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students : Master degree students : Students in specific units/subjects (You will be informed by your unit coordinator if you can have access)

To make an appointment please use the consultation forms for the relevant workshop on this site. A technician will follow up to facilitate appropriate access.

Note: dFab will not make appointments for access to laser cutters or 3d printers. This equipment will remain as part of the bureau service, in order to keep up with demand.

Other services and support will continue for all students as outlined below

Digital workshops and facilities

For Semester 1, 2020, we have launched a digital fabrication bureau service for Art, Design and Architecture students, enabling you to submit design files which the Monash University technical team will produce. After production, you will be able to collect pieces from the Digital fabrication workshop or have them posted to your home. For more information, see the Digital fabrication workshop link below.

Other workshops and facilities

For Semester 1, 2020, we also provide a bureau service for our other facilities, including the wood and metal workshops, paper and image-based studios, photography and hot workshops. Organise this directly with the technicians – select the appropriate workshop link below, complete the consultation form, and they will let you know what is possible.

Tech support

Throughout Semester 1, 2020 our technical team are available to help you weekdays from 9am – 5pm AEST. You can request a Zoom video demonstration, phone or email consultation. No matter what stage your project is at, we can help… just let us know what you need. Select the appropriate workshop link below and complete the consultation form.

Borrowing AV equipment

If you require equipment for a specific unit, your lecturer will have already organised this for you. Please contact them with any questions.

Key to the Level of Risk:

Low: General access no induction needed.
Medium: Induction and training required, followed by access during normal hours of operation with general staff supervision.
High: Induction and training required, followed by restricted access with constant staff supervision.
Very High: No student access. Technical staff only.

The risk banding for each workshop or studio is indicated under their headings above. Multiple risk bandings may apply in one workshop or studio depending on the equipment or processes being used in that area. For further information on specific inductions/ training for each area please follow the links to the relevant workshop or studio.