Facilities and technical support


Facilities and technical support

MADA has invested in state of the art technology in its studios and workshops to create an alignment between the vision of the faculty and its facilities, embedding an interdisciplinary approach. Access to a broad range of traditional methods of production and emerging technologies allow students to prototype their concepts and refine their projects in a range of materials.

Student access to facilities is determined by:
The courses a student is currently enrolled in and the level of risk associated with the use of equipment and resources in each area. The level of risk and training requirements are outlined in the key below.

Key to the Level of Risk:

Low: General access no induction needed.
Medium: Induction and training required, followed by access during normal hours of operation with general staff supervision.
High: Induction and training required, followed by restricted access with constant staff supervision.
Very High: No student access. Technical staff only.

The risk banding for each workshop or studio is indicated under their headings above. Multiple risk bandings may apply in one workshop or studio depending on the equipment or processes being used in that area. For further information on specific inductions/ training for each area please follow the links to the relevant workshop or studio.