Computer labs

Risk: Low
Location: Various (locate a computer lab)

MADA computers are loaded with a large range of software required to undertake study in the creative fields. Computer labs (both PC and Mac) are in many locations throughout the university campus. Some computer labs allow 24 hour access and others you may need to organise access via your course coordinator. The majority of MADA labs are used for teaching and may be occupied by a class during business hours. If a Lab is unoccupied please feel free to use the computers.

The University also has a large number of computer labs that can be accessed across the campus.

For example the general library computers have all the software you may need. There are also a couple of high spec. PC's on the ground floor of the library (near the Cafe) that are specifically for MADA students needing high end computing power (e.g. 3d modelling). These are available any time the library is open.

Find your nearest lab or search for a lab to meet your requirements here.