Bachelor of Art History and Curating

Combine your passion for art history with curatorial skills to prepare yourself for a career in museums, galleries, festivals or the broader arts sector.

From your first day as a Monash student, you’ll be immersed in the practice, meeting industry professionals, visiting galleries, and exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of contemporary curation.

A selection of works from our graduating Art History and Curating students, as presented in MADA Now 2020. Explore more...

Career possibilities

With a Bachelor of Art History and Curating from Monash, you can become a key contributor to the artistic community as your knowledge of artists, art history, and current art movements helps you succeed in a variety of careers, whether your aim is to work in museums and galleries, as an art historian, journalist, or writer, or in the growing field of art and the creative industries, such as festivals, public art projects, artist-run and commercial spaces.

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How the course works

You’ll learn about the history of art from foremost scholars and art writers, and acquire skills in the theory and practice of curating from leaders in the field. And throughout, you’ll work closely with the nationally significant Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA) and alongside the artists – and future artists – whose work you may one day be curating.

In Year 1, you’ll explore different periods and places in European art of the 17th and 18th centuries through to the rise of global events like the Art Biennale. Then, you’ll enter the modern age with an investigation into how the art of the mid-20th century used mediums like photography, performance and multimedia to explore issues of identity, gender and sexuality.

Theory Units: 25%, Art Knowledge and Practice: 12%, Common Units: 25%, Electives or Double Degree: 38%

Two-thirds of the course is yours to tailor to your own interests. In Year 1, you might choose electives that focus on Australian art or explore the moving image, you could study a foreign language if you want to gain a greater understanding of that culture, or take a business course if you aim to get into gallery management. If you choose to study a double degree, this will be subjects from your other degree instead.

Theory Units: 50%, Art Knowledge and Practice: 25%, Electives or Double Degree: 25%, Curating Internship: Extra

In Year 2, you’ll undertake a six‐week curating internship in a gallery, museum or other related organisation, building contacts and confidence while gaining on‐the‐job practical experience. And if you’re into viewing and understanding art – in situ – you might also choose to go overseas via an exchange with another university, or at the Monash Prato Centre studying design in Europe – the choice is yours.

Theory Units: 38%, Art Knowledge and Practice: 24%, Electives or Double Degree: 38%

In Year 3, you’ll put your skills and knowledge into practice. At the end of the year, the faculty transforms from studio space into one of Melbourne’s largest galleries, and you’ll be asked to develop and present your own exhibition concept, to be viewed by friends and family, and by invited curators, artists and industry professionals.

Professional recognition

Monash University is ranked in the top 10 in Australia for Art, Design and Architecture by the 2021 QS World University Rankings by Subject.

Study options,
Entry requirements,
and How to apply

It’s your choice: you can study the Bachelor of Art History and Curating as a single degree (apply via the Bachelor of Fine Art), or, with one extra year of study, graduate with two degrees by including it as part of a double degree.

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Single degree

Double degrees

Top 5 reasons to study Fine Art at Monash


Double your career opportunities

Double degree combinations enable you to enhance or customise your degree – allowing you to graduate as a highly employable artist.


Express yourself

Explore your ideas in a safe, supportive and creative artistic community.


Learn from the best

You’ll learn from internationally recognised professional artists and art historians such as Emily Floyd, Luke Morgan, Callum Morton, Spiros Panigirakis, Stuart Ringholt, Michelle Antoinette, Kathy Temin and Daniel von Sturmer.


We’ll help you be a contemporary artist

Blend fine art skills and knowledge with other areas to be a multi‐disciplinary artist.


It’s all about the art studios

Hands‐on and highly experimental multi‐disciplinary studios inspire critical reflection and artistic self‐discovery.

Meet our graduates

Monash grads seek to make a positive difference in the world by taking on global problems and solving them with innovative design solutions. We’d like to introduce you to some of them. More graduates...

Image: Fine Art and Art History and Curating students exploring Florence, Italy’s Brancacci Chapel, known as the “Sistine Chapel of the early Renaissance”.