Bachelor of Industrial Design

Create beautiful, functional objects by combining your knowledge of materials, manufacturing, and human-centred design with innovation and aesthetics.

From cutting-edge transport solutions, to furniture and lighting design, to medical equipment, to products that aid developing countries… the work of industrial designers can advance the human experience, making a better life for us all.

A selection of works from our graduating Industrial Design students, as presented in MADA Now 2020. Explore more...

Career possibilities

As an industrial designer, you’ll have opportunities to work with engineers, marketers and manufacturers in a varied range of industries. You might play a role in the creation of ‘smart’ products and sophisticated interactive tools, or the next generation of gaming devices or wearable technologies. With a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Monash, you’ll confidently step straight from university into industry and hit the ground running.

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How the course works

You’ll be guided by Monash academics, practicing industrial designers, and top researchers as you learn to use design as a problem-solving tool in hands-on, practical studios. You’ll also learn the tools and techniques to transform your ideas into prototypes with moving parts and realistic details, and have access to the latest equipment via our extensive facilities.

Half your time in Year 1 is in Design Studios, where you’ll develop solutions to real-world projects in large, open work spaces together with fellow students, teachers and partners. It’s an environment similar to what you’d experience in industry.

Design Studios: 50%, History and Theory: 25%, Common Unit: 12%, Electives or Double Degree: 12%

Also in Year 1, electives let you choose subjects from across Art, Design and Architecture or the rest of Monash to become the creative professional you want to be. If you choose to study a double degree, this will be subjects from your other degree instead.

Design Studios: 25%, History and Theory: 12%, Electives or Double Degree: 62%

In Year 2, there’s all sorts of time for electives or your double degree. With electives, you might choose to undertake an industry placement and work with a design practice relevant to your discipline, or you could choose to go overseas via an exchange with another university, or at the Monash Prato Centre studying design in Europe – it’s up to you.

Design Studios: 50%, History and Theory: 25%, Electives or Double Degree: 25%

You’ll develop your own project in Year 3, taking it from concept to prototype. You’ll look at market need, test concepts, develop product specifications, explore manufacturing techniques, and create a prototype of your design to present at our end-of-year exhibition of graduate work. Attended by thousands of visitors – including friends and family, and industry professionals and investors – it’s a fantastic way to start getting the word out about the newest industrial designer in town.

Professional recognition

Monash University’s Bachelor of Industrial Design is recognised by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), the peak industry body representing Australian design and designers domestically and internationally.

Study options,
Entry requirements,
and How to apply

It’s your choice: you can study the Bachelor of Industrial Design as a single degree (apply via the Bachelor of Design), or, with one or two extra years of study, graduate with two degrees by including it as part of a double degree.

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Single degree

Double degrees

Top 5 reasons to study Design at Monash


Think like a designer

Solve complex problems with curiosity, agility, experimentation and creativity.


Double your career opportunities

With one extra year of study, a double degree can open up further career opportunities.


Be ready to tackle complexity

Through interdisciplinary studios, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge future employers will demand.


Learn from the best

You’ll be guided by expert practitioners and industry professionals with up‐to‐date knowledge of current and future trends.


Electives give you choice

Tailor your degree to suit your career ambitions. Choose from over 100 electives in Art, Design and Architecture and more from across the University.

Meet our graduates

Monash grads seek to make a positive difference in the world by taking on global problems and solving them with innovative design solutions. We’d like to introduce you to some of them. More graduates...

Image: With help from a Monash lecturer, Industrial Design students build their own 3D printers in the Digital Fabrication workshop.