Gabi Briggs

Interrogating my ancestral kinship systems, its functions and survival through colonial disruption.

Masters (by research) candidate

  • Gabi Widders


My current practise comes from my conscious awareness that I exist because of my people’s resistance to the colonial state and because of our subordination to it. I am Anaiwan gedyura (woman), because of my people's resistance yet I am also an ‘Indigenous woman’ due to our violent subordination under the colonial apparatus. It is within the archive, that you can see this transition of Anaiwan gedyura to indigenous woman and it is critical that I interrogate its colonial function to disrupt the transmission of Anaiwan kinship knowledge.

My current practise examines the colonial archive with the intention of usurping its power and its function. I am interested in subverting the distortion of identity that the colonial archive has constructed, notably how it simultaneously documented the very realness of the Anaiwan gedyura yet forcibly projected the identity of the ‘indigenous woman’ upon us.