Kirrakee Teea Watson

Providing a critical Indigenous perspective of the disposition of global Eurocentric architectures - products of colonial regimes alongside Indigenous architectures.

PhD candidate

  • Kirrakee Teea Watson


The assumption that a Eurocentric architecture will help assimilate us - into ‘four walls’ and the nuclear family way of being, is challenged.

Kirrakee Teea Watson

My assertion is that architecture can be a catalyst for a critical discussion of Aboriginality, colonialism and the built environment. The ongoing colonisation of Aboriginal architectural traditions is revealed through past and present Australian government housing policies, while Aboriginal architectures will be uncovered and become models for self-determination of the future.

It will establish the ongoing need to affirm the self-determination of First Nations Peoples to survive the myth of terra-nullius and the idea that as Peoples we - along with any artefacts of our culture - do not exist.