Wominjeka Djeembana

Wominjeka Djeembana is led by MADA Professor, Brian Martin.

Research team
Brian Martin, Peta Clancy, N'arweet Dr Carolyn Briggs AM, Brook Garru Andrew, Desiree Ibinarriaga, James Oliver, Sarah Rees, Jessica Neath, and others.

Monash Art Design & Architecture
Building D, Room D1.04
900 Dandenong Rd
Caulfield East VIC 3145

Wominjeka Djeembana are Boon Wurrung words translating as come here to learn, listen at a place of knowledge and sharing. Wominjeka means welcome, but also a deeper relationality than just welcome. It is welcome with obligation, ritualized practice and learning. Djeembana translates as: A gathering place for many special occasions for our mob to get together to barter, arrange marriages, to create dances, to pass on knowledge and to catch up with extended families and for new additions to family to be introduced.

The vision of Wominjeka Djeembana is to provide an identity of Indigeneity at MADA and on Caulfield campus. Its vision is simple yet multiple. It aims to articulate the synergies between Indigenous ways of knowing with practice led research specifically in the areas of art, design and architecture (and beyond). It is also a Lab that leads the Decolonial and Indigenization space for MADA curriculum and will have a leading arm of and with pedagogical discourse.

The research program at Wominjeka Djeembana is one that is innovative in its articulation of ancient cultural practices and methodologies premised on Country and relationality within contemporary society. The significant advancement that Wominjeka Djeembana offers in this area of Indigenous knowledge production is how knowledge pertaining to art, design, architecture and beyond can be reconfigured and improved through an Indigenous lens. The main aim of the research conducted and created at Wominjeka Djeembana is to become a national and international leader in Indigenous ways of knowing through practice based discourses. The very relationship between Indigenous ways of knowing and practice led research will be a significant contribution and advancement of research training methodologies. The members of Wominjeka Djeembana are world leaders in this relational methodology in research.

Banner artwork: Brian Martin, Methexical Countryscape - Kamilaroi 10 (detail), 2017