A co-design learning lab


WonderLab is a research lab engaged in co-designing with researchers, teachers and learners the future of learning experiences. Operating at the nexus between design, play, and technology, we seek to amplify translational research into how people learn. Our work helps transform current practice by applying multiple research methods and developing creative, experiential approaches.

Professor Lisa Grocott and Associate Professor Ricardo Sosa lead a diverse team with expertise in creativity, serious play, transforming mindsets, creative technologies, and experiential learning. Including learners and teachers as design partners is as central to how we stay curious, as our collaborations with peers from engineering, cognitive psychology, and education.

Project partners

Design and Learning Book
Contribution of design to the field of learning (through international professional case studies, academic frameworks and design principles as applied through an experiential playbook).

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change  
Melbourne Graduate School of Education ARC
Contribution of design to an interdisciplinary research collaboration and the role of designing in supporting teacher change (through designing participatory, experiential activities in the context of a mixed-method evidence-based study).

Experiential Professional Learning Activities
PlussEd: Category 3 funding 100K
Contribution of design to amplifying the impact of professional development through material, metaphoric and experiential thinking.


Design Department
Lisa Grocott, Ricardo Sosa, James Oliver, Kylie Brown, Kate McEntee, Alli Edwards, Dion Tuckwell (PhD), Hannah Korsmeyer (RA).

Design and Learning HDR Pathway
International and Australian cohort
PhD by publication. Interdisciplinary focus on learning sciences and disciplinary focus on contribution of design through human-centered, speculation-driven, solution-focused and experiential learning.

Future Support
Lab funding toward building an HDR cohort.

Shared lab spaces with other design department labs.

Research Production
Shared across design labs: 1) communication designer and 1) data analyst and report writing.