Painted Light

An innovative public art commission using animated light.


Partner organisations

  • State Government of Victoria through Creative Victoria and Development Victoria
  • BlueBottle
  • Brolec

Funded by

  • State Government of Victoria

The work brings together three of my longstanding interests – light, paint and video – into architectural space.

Daniel von Sturmer

Painted Light is a new work exploring light as a dynamic medium in public space, activating the eastern façade of the Geelong Arts Centre building.

The work spans two-thirds of the building’s CBD facing exterior wall and stretches from the base of the first floor to the crest of the rooftop. It’s a stunning feature of the centre’s $38.5 million Ryrie Street Redevelopment.

Painted Light was selected following an open call for expressions of interest, which attracted 63 proposals from Australia and around the world.

The work uses LED technology to replicate the flow of paint against a flat black surface. Every 10 to 15 minutes, the wall will flood with colour, marking time passing and providing a spectacle for visitors and passers-by. The entire lighting sequence lasts between 45 minutes and an hour.