Solar Bike Project

Designing the world’s fastest solar bicycle – running purely on sunshine.

  • Investigators

      • Julian O'Shea
      • PhD Candidate, Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Co-investigators

      • Ayush Tarway
      • James Gruber
      • Final year students, Monash University Engineering
      • Dan Truscott
      • Technical Officer, Monash Art, Design and Architecture
  • Partner organisation

  • Undertaken within

This project is a great way to showcase sustainable transportation and the power of renewable energy in a fun and engaging way. The pure solar bicycle has been designed to connect with the public, and opens up opportunity for outreach, education and adventure.

Julian O’Shea

This project is the design and build the world’s fastest pure solar bicycle - that is an electric bike that can operate without a battery or even pedals. Powered purely but the sun in real time.

This unusual vehicle provides an excellent opportunity for education and adventure, to show how solar energy can be used as a sustainable form of transportation, and as an adventure challenge.

The team has built the bike in line with the technical specifications and with the aim to set the Guinness World Record for the “Fastest Solar-Powered Bicycle”. This record attempt will happen in early 2021.

The invention was submitted for an Innovation Patent (pending).