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Studies Recruiting Now at BASE

CLASS Study – Sleep, light and academic performance in teenagers

SWIFt Study – Shifting Weight in Shift Workers

Have you had a Brain Injury? Do you have problems with sleeping?

Project ARISE: Australian Research on Insomnia, Sleep & Emotions

Project SWITCH – Are you a shift worker? Receive personalised recommendations to improve your sleep

CLASS Study – Sleep, light and academic performance in teenagers

Are you interested in how sleep and light affect your teenager’s academic performance?

We are looking for current year 7 students with regular access to a smartphone to participate in an exciting 2-year research study investigating how sleep, light and the internal body clock interact with academic performance and mood in teenagers.

What will the project involve for my teen?

  • Completing a daily sleep diary for 14 days, every 6 months
  • Wearing an activity watch for 14 days, every 6 months
  • Answering online questionnaires about mood, stress, sleep and lifestyle, every 6 months
  • 3 annual visits to Monash University for an 8-hour evening collection of saliva samples
  • 2 visits (Year 7 and Year 9) for a 1 hour literacy and numeracy assessment

Who are we looking for?

  • students currently in Year 7, living in Melbourne, with access to a smartphone, who intend to sit the NAPLAN, with no diagnosed neurodevelopmental, psychiatric or sleep disorders

What will we get?

  • up to $200 for your teen and $80 for you
  • receive personalised feedback on your teen’s sleep
  • movie vouchers on your teen’s birthday

If you would like your teenager to participate, please have them complete the survey by using the link below: https://is.gd/CLASSinterest

Consent from a parent/legal guardian is required to participate in this research.

If you have any questions please email base.class@monash.edu

Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee – Project Number 18718

SWIFt Study - Shifting Weight in Shift Workers

You’re invited to be part of a world-first study trialling weight loss interventions in night shift workers.

SWIFt is focused on finding a suitable diet plan for weight loss in overweight shift workers who have little choice but to eat and work at night. Three diet plans will be investigated.

What’s involved?

  • Volunteers will be given a dietary weight loss program to follow for six months
  • After this period, be followed for one year to measure weight maintenance
  • Meet with a dietitian at every visit
  • Have your blood glucose levels, insulin and body composition measured throughout the study
  • During this time some of your meals will be provided
  • You’ll also be given a $100 petrol voucher for your time

Am I eligible?

Are you overweight, with no underling medical condition and work at least 4 night shifts every 2 weeks?

Take our screening questionnaire to see if you are eligible.

What are the benefits?

Read more about the study and how you will benefit

Approved by Monash University Human Research Ethics Committee Project ID: 18426 and Monash Health Human Research Ethics Committee Ref: RES-19-0000-462A

Have you had a Brain Injury? Do you have problems with sleeping?

We are looking for individuals to participate in a research  study testing the effects of a medication called Circadin® to treat sleep disturbances in individuals who have had a brain injury.

To be eligible you need to:

  • Have had a brain injury such as a Traumatic Brain Injury or Stroke
  • Currently have sleep problems

What will the project involve?

  • Receive two treatments during the trial:
    • Circadin® (melatonin-mg prolonged release  formulae);
    • Non-active placebo.
  • 10 week study – 4 visits with a researcher (1 – 1 ½ hour each);
  • Answer questions about your health, fatigue, sleep and mood;
  • Sleep difficulties assessed by a sleep physician;
  • Blood tests for safety assessments;
  • Fill in a sleep diary and wear a wrist device (like a watch) to  measure your sleep patterns.

For more information, or if you are interested in participating please  email Jade Murray or Olivia McConchie (e) brainsleepstudy@gmail.com

This study has been approved by  MUHREC - CF11/1900 - 2011001061

Project Arise: access free gold-standard insomnia treatment

Having trouble sleeping?

We are seeking adults aged 18-70, who experience insomnia and are fluent in English, for a study exploring the relationships between sleep, stress, and emotions in the context of insomnia.

Participants will be compensated up to $1050 for successfully completing all non-treatment components of the study.

This study involves:

  • Seven weeks of FREE gold-standard treatment for insomnia (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) with a sleep therapist
  • Questionnaires & Interviews
  • Two overnight stays at Monash Sleep & Circadian Laboratory
  • Monitoring of your sleep/wake patterns
  • Three brief testing sessions before & after treatment


Send us an email (project.arise@monash.edu) or register your interest on our website (www.insomnia.org.au) and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to complete a screening process with you over the phone or online.

MUHREC Approval Number: 29500 #sleep #health #wellness #covid-19 #insomnia #stress

Project SWITCH – Are you a shift worker? Receive personalised recommendations to improve your sleep

Are you a shift worker wanting to improve your sleep?

Join our world-first study trialling personalised sleep and light recommendations to improve sleep and wellbeing.

What is involved?

  • Receive and follow PERSONALISED recommendations tailored to your body clock and lifestyle
  • Reimbursement of ~$425 upon study completion.
  • ~6 weeks of daily monitoring: wear wrist-watch and light sensor and complete short daily surveys (5 mins/day)
  • Objective body clock assessments (2 times during study)

Note: All tasks listed below will occur in the context of participants’ usual lives, meaning individuals do not need to visit a laboratory.

We are looking for shift workers who are:

  • aged between 18-65 years
  • on average per month, work at least 4 night shifts (≥6 hours worked between 10pm-8am) OR early morning shifts (starting work before 7am and shift lasting ≥6 hours)
  • have a roster pattern incorporating ≥2 consecutive night/ early morning shifts


Register your interest at: bit.ly/shiftwork-monash

Questions? Please email us: base.switch@monash.edu

MUHREC Approval Number: 28948