Congratulations to two of our outstanding PhD students,  Elise McGlashan and Jade Murray, for winning Research Excellence awards for their presentations at the Australasian Chronobiology Society's 12th Annual  Meeting in Melbourne on Tuesday 20th October.

Elise's presentation, titled "Antidepressant medication  increases the response of the circadian system to light" also won Best Presentation, an amazing achievement.

Congratulations again to both!

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New Sleep Facilities Opened

On Friday 11 September Professor Kim Cornish opened two new  sleep rooms at the Sleep and Circadian Medicine Laboratory at the BASE facility  in Notting Hill.  In addition to a new  sleep suite (bringing the total number of sleep suites to 4); a participant  lounge and a new analysing area have been added.

The new patient lounge will accommodate participants who  need to live in the lab for several days/nights in a row and the additional sleep suite has significantly increased capacity at BASE.

A reminder that with the opening of these new facilities the laboratory team are looking for donations of any books, games, puzzles, videos,  or other healthy entertainment you may be able to donate for the sleep lounge.  Ideal items for participants (who may very well be sleep deprived during their  stay) are books that do not require great concentration (books with lots of  pictures, cartoon anthologies, etc), games that can be done by 1-4 people,  movies, and things like puzzles that can be engaged with sporadically.

Contact Professor Sean Drummond if you can assist with  donations: bring them to campus (18 Innovation Walk, room 542), or take them to the lab over in Notting Hill, whichever is more convenient for you.



2015 ECR Publication Prize Winners
Dr Zoe Davidson (School of Clinical Sciences at Monash  Health) won the Nursing and Allied Health category for her publication in  European Journal of Clinical Nutrition ‘Observations of body mass index in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: a longitudinal study.’

2015 ECR Fellows Publication Prize Winners
Dr Bradley Edwards (School of Biomedical Sciences) won the  Clinical Sciences category for his publication in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine ‘Clinical predictors of the respiratory  arousal threshold in patients with obstructive sleep apnea.’




Natalie Grima was awarded the '2015 Epworth Research Institute New Researcher Poster Award', for her poster titled "Circadian melatonin rhythms and sleep dysfunction following traumatic brain injury". Although a large majority of patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) experience sleep disturbances.

"In the present study, we demonstrated that when compared to controls, patients with severe TBI produced 42% less melatonin overnight, suggesting disruption to melatonin synthesis. Furthermore, we demonstrated that the onset of melatonin synthesis occurred later and this was associated with poorer subjective sleep quality". The findings of the present study establish a basis for examining the efficacy of melatonin supplementation for sleep disturbances in patients with TBI.



Professor Shantha Rajaratnam suggests elite athletes need to be aware of their sleep cycles and adjust accordingly when travelling so they are able to perform at their best in an article featured in The Age.



ACS Annual Meeting awards to Jade Murray and Bhairavi Raman: Two Sleep and Circadian Medicine Laboratory students were recognised for their outstanding research presentations at the Australian Chronobiology Society’s 11th Annual Meeting in Melbourne on Friday 14 November. Jade Murray, a PhD candidate, won the award for Best PhD Presentation for her work on mood and daytime functioning in intrinsic and extrinsic phenotypes of Delayed Sleep Phase disorder; and Bhairavi Raman, a Psychology Honours student, won the award for Best Honours Presentation for her work examining a the enhancing effects of a short wavelength light intervention on alertness and performance in night shift workers.



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Monash Memo: Diet and nutrition advice now available at Monash. The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics now offers personalised, low-cost nutrition consulations to staff, students and the general public. See our clinic page for further information.



Congratulations to Dr Sean Cain, Prof Shantha Rajaratnam, Prof Leon Lack, Dr Clare Anderson and Prof Steven Lockley, who were awarded a NHMRC grant for their Project "Hyper-sensitivity of the circadian system to light in Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder".



Congratulations to Dr Judi Porter who was awarded a NHMRC Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellowship on 'Overcoming barriers to protected mealtimes implementation to prevent and treat malnutrition'.



Monash News: Grants recognise Monash teaching and learning - Dr Claire Palermo - Transforming competency-based assessment in nutrition and dietetics.



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BASE researchers including Dr Ricardo Costa feature in The Age article 'Healthy look at a mental feast'.



Thinking about a PhD? Check out our latest project in Sports Nutrition & Dietetics with Exercise Physiology. The project comes with funding and applications are open until 28 March 2014. More information can be found here.



With the kids back to school preparing lunch boxes can be a bit of a chore, Evelyn Volders has some tips.

 A world first bringing together research into sleep, nutrition and exercise was launched at Monash University on 1 October.
 Four secondary schools recently competed in the inaugural "Chef Master@BASE" grand finale, hosted by the Monash Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.
 Check out our own Evelyn Volders article in The Conversation - home made vs packaged baby foods. Interesting reading!

Researchers from Monash University Department of Nutrition & Dietetics in conjunction with Jenny Craig, are looking for young people to take part in a new study.

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