Anaesthesia research
Prof Paul Myles and Dr Stefan Dieleman, Anaesthesia Research Fellow at Monash and Alfred, reviewing an echo result

The research unit is headed by Professor Paul Myles, and funded through a number of large NHMRC grants. Paul is supported by an NHMRC Practitioner Fellowship.

Our staff

  • Sophie Wallace, Research Manager
  • Andrea Ditoro, Research Assistant
  • Aimee Neylan, Research Assistant
  • Ruby Han, Research Assistant
  • Mayumi Ueoka, Research Assistant
  • Alice Cazalet, Office Assistant

Research trials and studies

The unit manages and participates in numerous multicentre and local clinical trials and studies at any one time.

Current and upcoming trials

Recently completed Studies

Registrar projects

In addition, registrars receive specialist training in Anaesthesia, and each registrar must complete a research project as part of their specialist qualifications. During 2017, seven projects were completed, including randomised trials and audits.