Mucosal Immunology Research Group

Mucosal Immunology

Key terms

Mucosal immunology, gut, lung, microbiome, diet, lung transplantation, lung fibrosis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Research Overview

The Mucosal Immunology Research Group, led by Professors Marsland, Harris and Westall, is focused on understanding the fundamental principles in health and disease of the gut, lung and nervous system. Projects span the space from discovery using preclinical models of host-microbe interactions and inflammation through to high performance computational approaches to identify clinical biomarkers and development of novel drug candidates.

Mucosal Immunology group2022 Mucosal Immunology Research Group

Group Heads

Graduate Research projects

Nicola Harris Benjamin Marsland Glen Westall

Publication list

Pubmed: Marsland, B | ORCID: Harris, NL | Pubmed: Westall, GP

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