Doyle Group

Viral Hepatitis: Prevention and Treatment

Group Leader - Dr Joseph Doyle

Joseph Doyle Dr Joseph Doyle is a physician and researcher with a particular interest in the epidemiology, management and prevention of blood borne viruses (HIV, hepatitis C and hepatitis B).

Dr Doyle is currently undertaking his NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellowship aiming to improve population health and treatment for hepatitis C infection, with the overarching goal to eradicate Hepatitis C, (Eliminate Viral Hepatitis) at the Burnet and Department of Infectious Diseases at The Alfred and Monash University. He is co-head of Viral Hepatitis Research and the clinical director of the hepatitis C TAP (Treatment and Prevention Study) at Burnet.

E: Twitter: @Josephsdoyle

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Research Areas

Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is a major public health challenge for Australia, affecting about 200 000 people who are at risk of progressive liver fibrosis leading to cirrhosis, liver failure and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). The good news is that HCV infection is curable, and viral eradication is associated with multiple clinical benefits, including improvement in quality of life, loss of infectivity, regression of cirrhosis, lower risk of liver failure and HCC, and reduction in mortality.

Leading several key clinical trials including the Treatment and Prevention (TAP) study,  Dr Doyle's research program is aimed at improving population health and treatment for Hepatitis C Infection. The TAP study treats people with new, highly effective drugs with minimal side-effects, reducing the need for people to attend health services.


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