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Infections in immunocompromised hosts

Group leader: Dr Orla Morrissey

Phone: +61 3 9076 2631



Dr. Orla Morrissey is an Infectious Diseases Physician at Alfred Health, Melbourne and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Monash University, Melbourne. Dr. Morrissey is a lead clinician within the Immunocompromised Host Consult Service at Alfred Health.

Dr. Morrissey is active in the research sphere: determining the epidemiology of a variety of opportunistic infections; determining Aspergillus virulence factors and examining inflammatory responses to Aspergillus.

She is co-chair of the Australia and New Zealand Mycoses Interest Group and has been instrumental in the development of national and international guidelines for the management of infections in immunocompromised hosts.

Dr. Morrissey has co-authored over 70 publications. She is a principal investigator on a number of government and philanthropic funded projects including a randomised controlled trial examining the efficacy and safety of two different strategies for the management of fungal infections in lung transplant recipients.


Dr. Orla Morrissey’s research has focused on optimising the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of invasive fungal infections. She has recently completed a randomised controlled trial examining the clinical utility of new diagnostic tests for invasive aspergillosis. This study demonstrated that Aspergillus galactomannan detection and PCR improve our ability to diagnose and treat invasive fungal infections. These findings have recently been accepted for publication in Lancet Infectious Diseases (IF: 17.4) and will significantly change the future management of invasive aspergillosis in the clinical setting.

Student Research Opportunities:

Opportunities exist within our group to pursue BMedSc, Honours and PhD projects.

Research projects

(1) Clinical and Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium Abscessus Isolation Pre- and Post- Lung transplantation?

Supervisor(s): Dr Orla Morrissey, Prof Greg Snell & Prof Anton Peleg

Applicable for: PhD

Contact person: Dr Orla Morissey

Phone: +61 3 9076 2631


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(2) Elucidating Fungal Immune Responses in Haematology Patients undergoing Chemotherapy: Novel Methods for Developing Improved Antifungal Strategies

Supervisor(s): Dr Orla Morrissey, Assoc Prof Nicole Mifsud & Prof Andrew Spencer

Applicable for: PhD

Contact person: Dr Orla Morissey

Phone: +61 3 9076 2631


(3) Immune Function in Patients Undergoing Treatment for Myeloma 

Supervisor(s): Dr Orla Morrissey, Assoc Prof Erica Wood, Dr Zoe McQuilten & Dr Claire Dendle
Applicable for: Hons, BMedSc

(4) Tracking functional immune reconstitution following allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation to guide optimal timing for antimicrobial prophylaxis and post-transplant vaccination

Supervisor(s): Dr Orla Morrissey, Assoc Prof Nicole Mifsud & Assoc Prof Rose Ffrench
Applicable for: Hons, BMedSc

All other student inquiries:
Please contact Dr Kerry Dunse  (Research & Engagement Manager)

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