Student Research Opportunities

The Department of Infectious Diseases, The Alfred and Central Clinical School, Monash University is a premier center for clinical and biomedical research and education, offering undergraduate and postgraduate study programs. The Department integrates clinical services with clinical and basic science research. The clinical services work closely with research staff and laboratories are based within the Burnet Institute, with a presence within the Central Clinical School. Please search currently available research projects on SupervisorConnect.

The Department of Infectious Diseases offers undergraduate and postgraduate research projects in the following areas shown below. Please contact the supervisors directly for more information.

For PhD project inquiries please contact the supervisor directly to discuss possible projects.

For more information on research areas and study opportunities, please contact  Brian Price

HIV/AIDSInfection Prevention & ControlMicrobial Genomics-
Viral Hepatitis

Dr. James McMahon


Assessing the number of people in Victoria in HIV care and methods to improve retention in HIV care

Applicable for: Hons, BMedSc

Dr Janine Trevillyan


Pathogenesis of Heart Disease in People with HIV

Surrogate Markers of Cardiovascular Disease in People with HIV

Which bug to blame?? Determining the impact of co-infections on heart disease risk in people living with HIV

Applicable for: Hons, BMedSc

Dr Andrew Stewardson


Appraisal of Injecting-Drug related infections at the Alfred (AIDA)

Applicable for: Hons, BMedSc

Prof Kathryn Holt


Applying genomics to track the evolution and spread of hospital pathogens

Pathogen detection and genotyping by sequencing direct from specimens

Applicable for: Hons, BMedSc

Dr Joseph Doyle


Barriers to hepatocellular carcinoma screening uptake in Victoria

Clinical utility and cost-effectiveness of screening for latent tuberculosis among health care workers in Australia

Eliminating hepatitis C infection in Victoria through treatment scale up: helping prescribers initiate treatment

Elimination of hepatitis C through rapid testing and treatment

Hepatitis B screening and antiviral prophylaxis during immunosuppression: understanding current clinical practice and acceptability of clinical guidelines

Predicting and reducing hepatitis C reinfection following treatment

Applicable for: Hons, BMedSc