About us

The National Centre for Healthy Ageing (NCHA), a joint venture between Peninsula Health, Monash University and the community, will create a centralised hub for innovation and transformation of care practices. The NCHA will create better integrated care models to promote health and wellbeing across the lifespan and drive improvements in the way people seek out and access care, to ensure they reflect and align with their values and needs.

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, the NCHA will be Australia’s leading health service research, development and implementation hub focused on healthy ageing. The Frankston and Mornington Peninsula region has a unique population demographic and health service provider setting, making it an ideal ecosystem in which to research, explore, test and implement new and innovative models for supporting healthy ageing.

By embedding into the region, there is an opportunity to rapidly develop and implement innovative models of care that will lead to improvements in population health, right in the heart of where it is most needed.

The National Centre for Healthy Ageing acknowledges the financial support of the Australian Government Department of Health to support the Centre establishment.

Our experts

The NCHA brings together leading researchers, clinicians, industry and community to tackle the key challenges associated with healthy ageing. This includes in key areas such as ageing, rehabilitation and independent living, mental health and addiction which all have significant impacts on our health as we age

This includes members from the Peninsula Clinical School, School of Primary and Allied Health Care, Monash Nursing and MidwiferyRehabilitation, Ageing and Independent Living (RAIL) Research Centre and the Monash Addiction Research Centre (MARC) among others.

Learn about the innovative work some of our team (Professor Keith Hill and Associate Professor Libby Callaway) are doing in technology and innovation to support independent living.