Residential Aged Care Research Network

New residential aged care research network (RACReN)

We are thrilled to launch our new Residential Aged Care Research Network (RACReN), a National Centre for Healthy Ageing research initiative.

A collaborative research network

Developed in partnership with aged care partners and stakeholders, we will bring together expert researchers, providers, employees, consumer representatives, advocates and peak body representatives from within the sector.

We will provide two-way engagement between researchers and people who know about the residential aged care sector, looking to the sector for input into quality improvement gaps and research priorities.

Our network looks to inform the next generation of aged care research, co-designed with industry to deliver real-world solutions to address some of the greatest challenges facing our ageing communities.

RACReN Membership

We have launched complimentary memberships for individuals and residential aged care facilities.

You can join if you are involved in residential aged care as a resident, friend or carer of a current or former resident, provider, nurse, PCA, support staff, visiting clinician, GP, allied health professional, funder or policy maker, or anyone interested in aged care research.

Benefits include:

  • A streamlined process to minimise research recruitment requests, which ensures we contact you for research that aligns with your research interests.
  • Workshops on topics that are important to help improve the quality and safety of aged care.
  • Opportunities to engage with new research and training tools (E.g. Healthy Ageing Data Platform).

It is important to involve those who really know!

As a member we will give you ‘a say’ on how we conduct research in residential aged care by identifying relevant research topics important to you, and helping match researchers to interested participants.

You can have your say now, by completing our survey on what research is most important for the aged care sector.


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Further information

RACReN Project Manager, Tracy McNeair

P: 03 9905 0504