Weekly Seminar Series - 2016 archive

Centre for Inflammatory Diseases Weekly Seminar Series

The Centre for Inflammatory Diseases (CID) Weekly Seminar Series is a showcase of research activities and achievements from the CID research groups and members of the Centre.  We also invite local, national and international experts to present topics relevant to the Centres research programs.

Please contact Dr Andrea Johannessen (T: +61 3 857 22861 E: andrea.johannessen@monash.edu) to subscribe to the seminar series mailing list, suggest topics and presenters and to send feedback.

2016 series details

  • Day: Tuesday each week
  • Time: 11:45am-1:00pm
    • Lunch: 11:45am (Served in the seminar room foyer, Level 2, TRF building)
    • Seminar Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm
  • Venue: Seminar Room 1, Level 2, TRF Building
  • Seminar venue map
  • Past seminars

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Past seminars

Date Presenter & TopicDocuments Recording details
2 Feb Prof Richard Kitching, Director, CID
Welcome and update
Dr Tony Korman
Director, Monash Infectious Diseases Title: Introduction to Monash Infectious Diseases Research Program
9 Feb No seminar this week due to special seminar on Thursday 4 February   
16 Feb Dr Michaela Finsterbusch, Erwin Schrōdinger Fellow, CID
Title: Role of monocytes in acute glomerulonephritis
Dr Alex Hodge, SCS Early Career Practitioner Fellow, CID
Title: Interesting issues in hepatology: coffee and concurrent diseases
Flyer Please email (for access to video recording)
23 Feb Postgraduate Student Seminar: Ms Louisa Yeung
Title: Role of CD53 in leukocyte trafficking
Prof Michael Hickey, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, CID
Title: Regulatory T cell interactions with the vascular endothelium
Flyer Please email (for access to video recording)
1 Mar Overview of the Victorian Platform Technologies Network
Dr Anneliese Gillard, Network Manager, VPTN and the following presenters 
  • Dr Kirstin Elgass, Manager, MHTP Node, Monash Micro Imaging
  • Dr Julia Polak, Manager, Monash Statistical Consulting Platform
  • Ms Angela Vais, Histology Senior Officer, MHTP Node, Monash Histology Platform
  • Ms Vivien Vasic, Manager, MHTP Medical Genomics Facility
Summary of platforms and services
Please email (for access to video recording)
8 Mar Dr Tali Lang, Postdoctoral Fellow, CID Title: Linking MIF and NLRP3 in the pathogenesis of IL-1 dependent inflammatory disorders Flyer 
22 Mar Postgraduate Student Seminars
  • Dr Keren Grynberg
  • Mr Sj Shen (Milestone requirement)
29 Mar NO SEMINAR THIS WEEK - University public holiday - Easter Tuesday   
5 Apr MHTP Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Theme
Dr Connie Wong, Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellow, CID Title: Ischemia, immunosuppression and infection - Tackling the predicaments of post-stroke complications
12 Apr Dr Anne Fletcher, School of Immunity and Infection, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom  Title: Human lymph node stromal cells are able to fundamentally regulate adaptive and innate immunityFlyer 
19 April No seminar this week - CID Research Retreat   
26 April No seminar this week - CID Research Retreat   
3 May Dr Clare Westhorpe, Postdoctoral Scientist, Centre for Inflammatory Diseases Title: How do CD4+ T cells initiate glomerulonephritis? and
Dr Joshua Ooi, Postdoctoral Scientist, Centre for Inflammatory Diseases Title: MPO-specific CD8= T cells effect anti-MPO glomerulonephritis
10 May MHTP Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Theme
Prof Brendan Jenkins
, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow
Title: Overview of the Cancer and Immune Signalling Laboratory
17 May Dr Sarah Jones
Postdoctoral Fellow
Title: GILZ: a pathway to immune control
24 May Dr Gregory Moore
Head of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Unit, Monash Health
Senior Lecturer, Department of Medicine, Monash University
Centre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title: Inflammatory Bowel Diseasess Unit Overview
31 May Ms Andrea Godfrey
Postgraduate Student
Title: Development of novel therapies for autoimmune myeloperoxidase-ANCA associated glomerulonephritis
14 June Overview of CRISPR and access to CRISPR at Monash UniversityDr Jun Liu, MIME and Ms Jeanette Rientjes and Dr Heather St John  Flyer  
21 June Department of Medicine 3 Minute Thesis Competition  
28 June MHTP Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Theme
Prof Eric Morand
Title SLE & glucocorticoids - clinical and lab perspectives
5 July A/Prof Menno van ZelmDepartment of Immunology and Pathology, Monash University
Title Dissecting human B-cell function: from primary immunodeficiencies to chronic inflammatory disease
12 July Dr Paul King
Centre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title Inflammatory Lung Disease
19 July Postgraduate Student Seminar
Ms Kim Sullivan

Title TBA
26 July Dr Tin Kyaw
Centre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title IgG promotes atherosclerosis
2 August Dr Gregory TeschCentre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title Therapeutic targeting of inflammation in diabetic nephropathy
9 August MHTP Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Theme Special SeminarProf Branch Moody
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Club of Australia Fellow
Title CD-1-reactive T cells mediate human response to tuberculosis infection
16 August Monash University FMNHS Research Week presentations Dr Monique Kilkenny: Readmissions after stroke: Linked data from the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry and hospital databases Dr Janette Tong: Idenitfication and functional characterisation of a novel dopamine beta hydroxylase gene variant associated with attention deficit disorderFlyer 
23 August NO SEMINAR THIS WEEK - ICI 2016   
30 August Dr James RushNovartis
Title Targeting CD40-CD154 interactions in transplantation and autoimmune diseases
6 September

Postgraduate Student Seminars
Dr Holly Hutton Title Targeting the NLRP3 inflammasome in ANCA vasculitis

Dr Martin MacDonald Title Clinical Phenotyping of COPD exacerbations

13 September Dr Fabien Vincent Research Fellow, Centre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title Combining measurement of the BAFF/APRIL, Fas/FasL and Type II IFN systems is associated with phenotypic manifestations in systemic lupus erythematosus
27 September Prof David Nikolic PatersonResearch Group Head, Centre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title Strategies for Treating Fibrotic Kidney Disease
4 October Dr Hua Peng FanCentre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title Targeted Mutations Identify The Active Site of Glucocorticoid-Induced Leucine Zipper (GILZ)
Dr Maliha Alikhan
Centre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title The IL-7Rα on CD8+ cell: a potential therapeutic target in ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis
11 October A/Prof Scott MuellerDoherty Institute/University of Melbourne
Title Dissecting the evolution of immune responses to infection in lymphoid organs
18 October

Postgraduate Student Seminars

Mr Majid Alhomrani Title Defining the interactions between amnion epithelial cells, stellate cells, macrophages and liver progenitor cells during liver injury

Dr Claire Dendle Title Can immunological biomarkers predict infection in kidney transplant recipients?

25 October

MHTP Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Theme
A/Prof Ashley Mansell
Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases

Title Clinton vs Trump: the presidential election mirrors the immune response to pathogenic Influenza A virus

1 November NO SEMINAR THIS WEEK - due to Melbourne Cup Public Holiday (not University Public Holiday)  
15 November Postgraduate Student Seminars

Ms Megan Huynh    

Title Targeting HLA to Treat Anti-GBM Disease

22 November

MHTP Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases Theme
Dr Di Yu

Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute
Title CXCR5(+) follicular cytotoxic T cells control viral infection in B cell follicles

29 November Dr Alberta HoiCentre for Inflammatory Diseases
Title Lupus Research at Monash SCS
6 December Prof Steven Gerondakis
Monash University Department of Biochemistry
Title Unravelling how NF-kB signalling controls Treg development and function
13 December Postgraduate Student Seminars

Dr Jonathan Dick    

Title TBA

Mr Nathan Kuk   

Title TBA

20 December NO SEMINAR THIS WEEK - CID Weekly Seminar Series will continue in 2017