About us

The Department of Paramedicine is one of the leading Paramedic Departments in the world. Paramedicine was first established at Monash University in 1999 at the Peninsula Campus, Frankston and today continues to provide excellence in education, research and scholarship.  
Nationally we are recognised as producing paramedic graduates of high quality, underpinned by a contemporary pedagogy that is relevant to today’s industry and community needs.  Locally, Monash Paramedicine continues to work closely with our industry partners; Ambulance Victoria (AV) and Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB).  
Since its inception Monash Paramedicine remains the incumbent tertiary provider for AV and its MICA Paramedics and MICA Flight Paramedics, and MFB Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Program.  Monash Paramedicine continues to strengthen its research and scholarship outputs from year to year; this is evidenced by the number of PhD students, peer-reviewed publications, grant funding and student scholars

Celebrating 20 years

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