FAQ's Graduate Diploma of Emergency Health (Intensive Care Paramedic)

Frequently Asked Questions

What  is the aim of this course?
This course is designed to  provide students the necessary education and training for the specialist  intensive care paramedic role including advanced clinical skills, leadership  and decision making in order for graduates to provide the highest level of pre-hospital  paramedic care in the world.

What are my career opportunities  after completing this course?  
Graduates of the Graduate  Diploma of Emergency Health (Intensive Care Paramedic) may be eligible for  employment as Intensive Care Paramedics or be engaged in clinical leadership,  management or training roles within the emergency health services.

Why should I study at Monash  University?
Monash has achieved an  enviable national and international reputation for research and teaching  excellence in a short 50 years. Monash is ranked in the top one per cent of  world universities. And, in line with our vision and strategy for the future, Monash will continue to drive for improvement. But while rankings are  important, we care as much about your individual experience as we do about our  position on the global scale. We give you opportunities that will enrich your  life and ensure you will succeed in your chosen field of Emergency Health.  Click on the link below to see how we can support you once your course is complete.

We help  students connect with employers, find jobs and explore career options.

I  am a healthcare professional in another discipline; can I also complete this  course?
No, this course is designed for  emergency paramedics that are experienced practitioners in the pre-hospital environment.  Health care practitioners from other disciplines including those who work in an  Emergency Department of a hospital are not eligible to apply.

I  am an international student, can I complete this course?
This course is available to international students  through Distance Education only. This course is not available to  international students who are holders of an Australian student visa, for study  onshore in Australia. Holders of some other categories of Australian visas  living in Australia, and students studying off-campus by distance education and  living outside of Australia may be eligible for this course.

Can  I complete this course entirely through Distance Education?
Yes, this course has been designed for  multimodal delivery and the majority of students throughout Australia complete  this course entirely through Distance Education. Students can complete the  entire course through distance education with the exception of one elective  clinical unit PAR4460 that is only offered as an on-campus intensive unit at  the Alfred. PAR4470 is an alternate unit designed specifically for distance  education students to facilitate the same learning outcomes for students who do  not wish or are unable to complete the on-campus intensive unit PAR4460.

Can  I complete the foundation units and clinical units at the same time?
No, the two foundation units are  required to be completed before any of the core clinical or clinical elective units. The foundation units cover a lot of material that is then presumed knowledge  leading into the core clinical units. The two foundation units are offered  twice per year to enable students to tailor their course to suit their own  circumstances and needs.

What  elective units should I complete?
Students are able to complete any of the elective units from  the Graduate Diploma of Emergency Health (Intensive Care Paramedic) suite after completion of the two foundation and four core  clinical units however individual services may require specific units to be  completed for eligibility into an Intensive Care practicum. Industry sponsored  students will generally not be able to select their own elective units to  complete. Most students completing the Graduate Diploma of Emergency  Health (Intensive Care Paramedic) complete PAR4450 (intensive care management  of paediatric and obstetric patients) and either PAR4460 (transition to  clinical intensive care paramedicine) or PAR4470 (intensive care paramedicine  clinical practicum) in order to meet the requirements of most emergency  ambulance services for entry into their Intensive Care internship program.

What  are the fees for these courses and what are my payment options?
Students  completing the Graduate Diploma of Emergency Health (Intensive Care Paramedic)  complete a total of eight units of study, which includes two foundation units,  four core clinical units and two elective units. Fees can be estimated for the  Graduate Diploma of Emergency Health (Intensive Care Paramedic) course 3877  using the fee  calculator. Students who are industry sponsored may  have their fees covered by their employer either upfront or through  reimbursement after successfully completing each unit of study. Non-industry  sponsored students may pay the fees upfront or defer the payment of course fees  through Fee HELP.

When  are the intakes for the Graduate Diploma?
The Graduate  Diploma of Emergency Health (Intensive Care Paramedic) has two intakes per year, which commences in Summer Semester (November) and First Semester (March) each  year that correlates with when the two foundation units are offered. The core  clinical units are offered in both First Semester and Second semester each year,  which are designed to follow on directly from the two foundation units. The  clinical elective units are offered in different semesters depending on the  actual unit of study