Melbourne becomes home

The Boys’ friendship began in the weeks and months after they were liberated from Buchenwald concentration camp. It grew during their rehabilitation in orphanages and homes in France and Switzerland, and strengthened on their boat journeys to Australia. Upon their arrival in Melbourne, the Boys bonded into the group which was to become known as the Buchenwald Boys.

On this day when I arrived here (Melbourne), life changed for me – it became a happy life. I was happy all my years here... I was happy with the children, happy with everything, happy with life and everything. I mean, I have had a very nice and good experience. It couldn’t be better for us or for me.
– Moniek (Mendel) Rose, former president of the Buchenwald Boys

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Mina Fink

Building a new life

Buchenwald Boys, Moniek R (front row centre), 1965 Reunion
Buchenwald Boys, Moniek R (front row centre), 1965 Reunion