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The Self-Assessment Team (SAT)


The Self-Assessment Team (SAT) is a committee responsible for driving progress towards Athena SWAN objectives. Established in January 2016, the gender-balanced team is comprising of academic staff from STEMM faculties (Engineering, IT, Science, MNHS, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences), selected HR staff and a communication advisor. With membership across all academic levels, we bring different perspectives and experiences to help us assess gender equality at Monash as well as to identify gaps and opportunities.

Project Lead

    Prof John Carroll

    Dean, Biomedical and Psychological Sciences
    Director, Biomedicine Discovery Institute

STEMM Professionals

  • A/Prof Victoria Haritos

    Associate Professor
    Chemical Engineering, Engineering

  • Prof George Simon

    Deputy Dean, Engineering

  • Prof Maria Garcia de la Banda

    Professor, Information Technology

  • Prof Michael Morgan

    Head of School, Physics and Astronomy

  • A/Prof Coral Warr

    Associate Dean (Research), School of Biological Sciences

  • Dr Aldeida Aleti

    Senior Lecturer, Caulfield School of IT
    Information Technology

  • Prof Matt Watt

    Biomedicine Discovery Institute; Department of Physiology

  • Prof Beverley Vollenhoven

    Southern Clinical School; Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Dr Caroline Gurvich

    Research Fellow; Clinical Neuropsychologist, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre

  • Dr Sab Ventura

    Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical Biology
    Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Ms Melissa Preissner

    Postgraduate Student, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Dr Mike McDonald

    Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Science

  • Dr Susie Ho

    Lecturer, School of Biological Sciences, Science      

Communications Professionals

  • Ms Fiona McQueen

    Internal Communications Manager, Strategy, Brand & Marketing Services

HR Professionals

  • Ms Andrea Heyward

    Director, Quality and Performance

  • Dr Lucie Joschko

    Manager, Staff Equity Programs

SAT Responsibilities

  • Assessment of gender equality at Monash University
  • Collection and analysis of quantitative staff data to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Assessment of qualitative evidence (policies, practices, systems and arrangements) to identify challenges and opportunities
  • Development of a four year action plan that builds on this assessment
  • Implementation of proposed actions
  • Monitoring progress and evaluation of outcomes
  • Preparation of an institutional application and its submission for peer review
  • Project leads report to senior management on progress made