Avni Dauti

Avni Dauti Artist, Self-employed
Bachelor of Fine Art + Arts 2012 Bachelor of Fine Art (honours) 2013

The projects I undertake in my art are rarely ever the same and challenging myself to create a variety of works motivates me. I learn something new throughout every stage of creating works, which is really exciting for me. The experience of making art, seeing my works completed and exhibited in galleries, as well as being able to convey ideas and concepts to audiences through the artwork itself is a highly rewarding feeling for me.

My degree at Monash helped me mature as an artist - Monash's facilities and mentorships allowed me to develop and refine the technical skills and theories I learned and apply them into my practice. I have utilised the skills I developed at Monash continuously throughout my artistic career. I also made connections with fellow artists and mentors that I have maintained within the art industry.