Claire Audley

Claire Audley Architect, GHDWoodhead
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2011 Master of Architecture 2013

When I had a job interview, they recognised the project and thought highly of Monash – and me.

Claire Audley

I love working on a variety of projects, from school masterplans to large-scale transport projects to commercial fit-outs – I find it immensely satisfying to see my drawings come to life.

Since graduation, I’ve been working at GHDWoodhead, where I’ve developed my skills as an Architect, gaining an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come from working in a large multi-disciplinary practice.

A highlight of my time at Monash was the 2012 Stawell Steps Design-Build project. It was a massive learning experience to live in the town of Stawell while actually building the structure we’d designed in class. When I later had a job interview at GHDWoodhead, they recognised the project from its profile in Architecture Australia magazine and thought very highly of Monash University – and me – because of it.