Elyse de Valle

Monash has many opportunities that have been advantageous to my professional pursuits.

Elyse de Valle

I began working as Technical/Relocations Officer for the Interim Collection Storage Improvement Project at the National Gallery of Victoria just prior to completing my Masters, this was a two-year project which eventuated in the role of Exhibitions and Collections Technician, also at the National Gallery of Victoria.

I have since pursued the position of Assistant Image Management Officer at Museums Victoria, and I established a studio at Artery Cooperative in 2015, which has permitted the continuation of my career as an artist.

My work as an emerging artist utilises materials and sites to express the conceptual concerns of my practice. My work explores little known narratives that permit my contemplation of creative labour, memories, loss and experience. It is often a pursuit to trace and respond to social history, reflecting on how memory is encoded directly and indirectly within the built form.

My study at Monash has certainly been an asset to my career progression. The staff I was lucky enough to work with were the key influences. The technicians, administration staff, professors, lecturers, mentors and tutors all assisted in granting me opportunities during and post-studying at Monash, by way of education, inspiration, support, networking and, inevitably, therapeutic conversations.

Monash has many opportunities that are not compulsory to your course completion that have been advantageous to my professional pursuits, including travel opportunities, leading to further study and residencies for myself. There are a multitude of forums, library information sessions, exhibitions and lectures that are on regular occurrence.