Jessica Bruzzaniti

Jessica Bruzzaniti Art Consultant, Vick Art Advisors
Bachelor of Fine Art 2013

I’m an Art Consultant in New York City. I get to focus on contemporary art – the area I’m most passionate about – in one of the best art scenes in the world. In my job, I research and connect with gallerists and artists to create art programs for a range of clients. It’s great to be able to support local emerging artists in NYC, but I always try to incorporate contemporary Australian artists into each project as well. I also still work on my own sculpture practice. I haven’t put my work out publicly in the U.S. yet, but I did exhibit in Melbourne before I moved.

Since relocating to the U.S. I’ve worked for a contemporary art gallery, an art studio, and even New York’s Museum of Modern Art. My Monash degree expanded my understanding of art history and contemporary art practice and theory, and gave me the knowledge I needed to “get my foot in the door”. My current position as a consultant wouldn’t have been possible without the right credentials (and network of course) – I’ve had some great experiences since graduation.