Kate Macindoe

Kate Macindoe Silversmith, Self-employed
Bachelor of Fine Art + Education 2014

I’ve been interested in art my whole life – it was inevitable that I would end up doing something creative. I work full-time as a silversmith in my own jewellery business and one day a week for local gold and silversmith, Flick Pope. It’s incredibly rewarding to craft a piece from start to finish and see it worn and treasured by someone who relates to it in their own way.

Studying Metal and Jewellery at Monash taught me to approach making through a conceptual framework. It pushed me to figure out why I was doing what I was doing and why I was working with particular materials. I was encouraged to develop my own artistic style and to trust in my abilities as an artist. The Visual Art degree at Monash was perfect as I wasn’t sure quite what area of art I could see myself doing. In addition to metals and jewellery, I got to have a go at drawing, painting, photography, glass blowing, sculpture... that I could study a double degree in Primary Education too was a bonus.