Maya Hodge

I feel I have a voice that can bring light to social injustice.

Maya Hodge

Art History and Curating at Monash is the perfect fit for me. The course has a historical focus on art but it also allows me to continue to develop skills in art-making.

My family have been involved in the Melbourne art scene for years, so it was important for me to continue to develop my skills in that area as it’s where I see my future career. Now that I’m in my third year, my studies have progressively focused on how curating is moving in a direction that’s becoming increasingly more inclusive and focused on Indigenous knowledge practice.

My work takes a strong stance in presenting facts about our shared art history in this country. Through my practice, I feel I have a voice that can bring light to the social injustice and challenges Indigenous people have experienced.

I hope that my artwork can inspire and help bring about positive change to lift up my community, and also expose wider Australia to the issues and achievements of Indigenous Australia.

There are so many great aspects to studying at Monash, the selection of units and electives on offer has allowed me to branch out and try many new and different creative practices.