Zoe Hu

The teachers had a wealth of industry experience and they were dedicated to helping you succeed.

Zoe Hu

Monash Communication Design graduate Zoe Hu has won Gold at the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s Best Design Awards for her short film 'David Lynch on Ideas'.

Zoe also won the Pinnacle Student Award at the AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) Design Awards in the Digital category for her Animation, Moving Image work titled SPRING/SUN/WINTER/DREAD.

Zoe is a multi-disciplinary designer who works across print, digital and motion to create beautiful design solutions with depth, thought and strategy.

We caught up with Zoe to chat about her win and what’s been happening since she graduated from Monash University’s Bachelor of Communication Design.

How did it feel to win GOLD at the Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards for your 'David Lynch on Ideas' short film?

I was happy just to be a finalist, so I'm over the moon to have won Gold for my short film. I was especially surprised that another project of mine, Mirror Mirror, received Gold in the Graphic category, as there are always so many great projects in that category. I'm stoked that the judges thought my work stood out!

How does a win like this assist with your design career?

I've always respected the New Zealand Best Awards for the high standard of work, so it's a good confidence boost knowing that my work is up to that standard. I’m also a Kiwi at heart, so if I go back to New Zealand to work it will be nice having this connection to the local design scene.

How did the idea for the David Lynch film come about?

The new season of Twin Peaks was airing and it was beautiful and strange and somehow even weirder than the original series. What I love about Lynch’s work is that you don’t necessarily have to understand it to feel profoundly affected by it. Nonetheless, I was curious about his creative process and how he comes up with ideas, which led me to an interview where he used the fishing metaphor.

It’s proving to be a great year for you. How does it feel to be shortlisted as a finalist in the AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association) Design Awards in the Digital category for your Animation work titled SPRING/SUN/WINTER/DREAD?

Shoutout to Ned Culic because funnily enough, both of the animations were made in his infamous illustration elective. I really appreciated the freedom that class gave me to explore illustration through motion and pursue the projects I wanted to make. Thanks, Ned!

What is the best part of your current role?

I’m currently working at Clear Design as a Graphic Designer. I love working with talented people who care deeply about design as much as I do! I also enjoy the variety of my role. I get to work on print, environmental, digital and motion projects.

How did your Monash Degree help you?

The teachers were amazing. They had a wealth of industry experience and they were dedicated to helping you learn and succeed.

The Communication Design degree allowed me to explore different areas of design, which is how I discovered my passion for animation. Having that extra skill set definitely helped me on my job hunt.

What's next for you?

I’m really interested in generative/programmatic art and how motion design can be automated so I’m dabbling in 3D graphics and coding. My brain has definitely felt like it was melting at times, but it’s been fun.

View Zoe’s award-winning work, ‘David Lynch On Ideas’