Charity Edwards

Charity Edwards Charity Edwards Lecturer
+61 3 990 32290 Monash University Department of Architecture Monash University Research Portal

Charity Edwards is a lecturer, urban researcher, and registered architect with over 15 years of experience.

With practice experience ranging from small-scale domestic renovation to large civic projects across Australia, and internationally, she continues to collaborate with other spatial practitioners to create interiors, buildings and landscapes. Charity has also been an active ‘re-writer’ of notable Australian women architects into history as part of the international initiative.

Her research explores the uneven and more-than-human impacts of urbanisation at the scale of the planet. She foregrounds the long-disregarded space of the world ocean in these processes in particular. Charity is currently undertaking a PhD on the increasing urbanisation of the Southern Ocean via autonomous underwater technologies.

Charity teaches in both the Interior Architecture and Architecture programs at MADA, and in 2016 received the Early Career Teaching Award for leading cross-cultural learning and new teaching support initiatives in the faculty.

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