Dr Duncan Maxwell

Dr Duncan W. Maxwell is a Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Project Manager at the Future Building Initiative, Monash University. In addition, he is a Registered Architect (Qld).

Duncan's research interests lie broadly in the future of the construction industry, with an emphasis on the industrialisation of building, that is the introduction of innovative techniques and processes to define new ways of designing and producing buildings. Duncan holds a PhD from the University of Sydney (2018), where he conducted his research within the Innovation in Applied Design Lab at the School of Architecture, Design, and Planning. His PhD thesis, "The Case for Design-Value in Industrialised House Building Platforms: Product to Ecosystem", investigated industrialised house building product platforms that have been developed by Swedish companies to integrate design and off-site manufacture. The thesis made the case for greater design emhpasis in these product platforms to generate new forms of value, and considered how this design-value could lead product platforms to become platform ecosystem business models. In addition to his PhD, Duncan holds an MArch from the University of Tasmania (2008), and BSc from Robert Gordon University (2006).

The primary body of Duncan's research is conducted in an applied manner, working closely with industry on 'live' problems and projects. Since the award of his PhD, research projects and collaborations have considered: the role of logistics strategy in construction supply chain management; articulating the benefits of product platforms to industry; continued collaboration with Swedish construction researchers; and project managing a survey of Australian house building companies to understand the sector's constraints and future requirements. In addition, Duncan provides strategic content input to the Future Building Initiative's grant writing applications.

Duncan teaches "Industrialised Building", a course that introduces students to the concepts and thinking that underpin the movement, regularly provides guest lectures and critiquing, and gives public talks to industry and the community.