Who we are

Who we are

MADA is changing the contribution of creative disciplines to the world.  

Our critical and unforeseen interpretation of complex world problems deals with contradictions which can only be understood through a multifaceted lens. Our multidisciplinary partnerships with industry allow us to find integrated solutions that maximise the contributions from all stakeholders.

Our students benefit from this collaboration, combined with the excellence of practicing artists and research that push the boundaries between the intangible and tangible. We are highly recognised in both industry and academia—punching above our weight and making a real difference to the world. We are creators of the bionic eye, leaders in equality and have improved people’s lives through our works in mobility and urban design.

Image (Art): Emma Kennedy-Stiff, feeling female (installation view), 2015

Image (Architecture): Tim Caldera and Megan Doody, Housing proposal for The Rocks Sydney, 2013