The Department of Design at Monash University is ranked 34th in the world^ and distinguished by its responsive, future-focused course offerings.

The careers of design professionals are evolving and expanding due to the rapid change in the nature of work, which we recognise as being driven by the acceleration of connectivity and cognitive technologies. In response, we focus on preparing students with necessary skills that will be highly valued by employers of the future.

Designers play key roles for their ability to make things happen, acting as translators, facilitators and negotiators in multidisciplinary teams. Through our comprehensive, flexible and adaptive curriculum, underpinned by interdisciplinary studio-based practice; our graduates gain key skills and competencies in a variety of industry-standard technologies and mediums, and possess strong design thinking ability.

Through outstanding research excellence, our practitioners actively seek to make a positive difference in the world by taking on global problems and solving them with innovative design solutions. We are design collaborators on research projects such as the user-centred cochlear earpiece for the hearing impaired. We champion equality, diversity and inclusion for the LGBTIQ community; and we are designing ways to improve the commuter experience on public transport systems in Australia.

^ 2017 QS World University rankings

Image (Research): Kingsley Morgenson, An Autonomous Driverless Public Transport

Full width image: Zachary Crowe, Nyth, 2017