Electives and unit offerings

For unit synopsis, objectives, assessment, contact hours, prerequisites, co-requisites and prohibitions, please refer to the Monash Handbook.

Updated 22/06/2022.

This unit listing covers Semesters 1 and 2 for 2022. It is to be used as a guide only. Unit offerings are subject to change.

For details of Summer and Winter unit offerings, please see the Summer and Winter units page.

Units in bold are Core units for one or more degrees.

* Units marked with an asterisk have a quota (limit) on the number of students who can be enrolled (for some or all of the available teaching periods) and may be full. These units will not appear in WES (Web Enrolment System) if they are full, and you will not be able to enrol in them. You may need to consider enrolling in other units.

Some units are only available to students enrolled in postgraduate courses.

2022 Unit Offerings and Electives

This list of unit offerings is subject to change.