All students undertaking Art, Design and Architecture units must also complete OHS1000 - a compulsory unit that is worth 0 credit points, but must be completed by students undertaking units within our Faculty as an Introduction to Art and Design Health and Safety.

It should take you 15 minutes to complete this compulsory unit at your own time via MoodleActing early in the semester will save you more time down the line - failure to complete the unit by Week 3 puts you at risk of receiving a Faculty encumbrance that will not be lifted until the unit is completed.

When you have an encumbrance, your enrolment is still valid, but you will not be able to use Moodle (which means you will not be able to submit assessments across all your units), access some parts of WES, borrow items from the library, get an academic transcript, see your enrolment records or results.

Encumbrances cannot be lifted straight away as they require central administrative approval - you will have to wait up to 48 hours to regain Moodle and WES access, which will impact access to your units and to submitting assessments on time. So, act now and get this unit out the way soon! Not only to avoid an encumbrance, but to prevent any avoidable accidents - the two topics covered in the unit will be useful whether you are on campus or whether you have set up a workspace at home.

Note: You will gain access to the OHS1000 module in Moodle close to the start of semester.

Safety beyond OHS1000

On top of OHS1000, you will need to complete training and inductions for the many incredible facilities and resources available for you at MADA.

Each MADA workshop has its own set of safety inductions for the spaces and various machinery/processes that relate to each discipline. Please take the time to navigate your way to the facilities and technical support page and seek out the relevant inductions to your study.

The majority of the workshop inductions begin with an online component that you can start by clicking the 'Getting access' tab on the appropriate workshop page. In most cases, these online components will then be followed up by attending an in-person induction to access specific machines, resources or spaces.

Don't leave your workshop inductions until the last minute! It's best to get them out of the way early so you are ready to work on your projects straight away, rather than waiting for an available spot for in-person inductions.