Professional Development

PhD students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours of professional development activities. Professional development is highly recommended for Masters's students.

You can register for professional development modules via myDevelopment.

For activities to count towards your 120 hours, you need to choose them from the Graduate Research topic area.

Activities are broadly categorised into:

Excellence in Research & Teaching - designed to develop knowledge, skills and abilities that are immediately relevant to academic life.

Professionalism, Innovation & Career - designed to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to apply your expertise within and beyond academia.

Activities are offered centrally, by MADA and other Faculties, the library and SAS. Students should develop their learning plan in consultation with their supervisor according to what is relevant for their research project and stage of their career development.

What to consider when developing and structuring your learning plan:

  • Mandatory modules: some are offered centrally, e.g. Research Integrity, some by MADA
  • Level of activity: foundational, intermediate or advanced
  • Pre-requisites: activities can be / have pre-requisites for others
  • Frequency / duration of activities
  • Other Faculties might offer activities that are relevant to your project
  • MADA activities are developed by the Departments and Wominjeka Djeembana; some are open to all students, some are limited to the department cohorts
  • Mode and duration of activities: can be online, in-person or hybrid
  • Some activities might involve attendance of off-campus events

Please ensure that Professional Development planning forms part of the regular supervisory meetings, and that hours are tracked and reported on as part of all milestones. For more information, including how to report on completed PD hours for your milestones, please follow this link

Professional Development Modules Overview