Course transfer

Transferring courses within Monash University is part of a competitive selection process. You can only transfer between the same course type (e.g. from one bachelor degree to another bachelor degree) and only if you haven't completed your course.

If you are interested in transferring, take a look at the Course or campus transfer webpage. Make sure you check the course transfer requirements carefully before making an application.

There are normally two Course Transfer rounds each year - you can apply to transfer for Semester 1 or Semester 2. Not all courses will have a Semester 2 intake - see the tables below, these are subject to change each year.

The deadline for Semester 1 applications is during Semester 2 in the previous year, and the deadline for Semester 2 applications is during Semester 1 - please check the webpage for deadlines. Outcomes are sent to students after the release of results each semester.

Note: it is important that you continue with the requirements of your current degree. This includes re-enrolling in units for your current degree during the re-enrolment period (October/November) if applying for a Semester 1 transfer.