Intermission and leave of absence

Intermission is taking a break from your course for one or two semesters - this can be for medical or other reasons. International students can only apply for this with compassionate or compelling circumstances.

Your course progression in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture can be very sequential, and therefore - depending on your course - Intermission applications for only one semester may not be approved. Before you apply for Intermission please review the information available on the Intermission website and seek course advice to review your progression and determine an approved period of leave.

Study at an alternate institution

You will not be approved to take Intermission from your course with the intention of undertaking studies at another institution in Australia or overseas. If you wish to undertake studies at another institution during the period of Intermission, please be advised that credit will not be granted towards your Monash course.

Withdrawal from your course

Please note that when you are on an approved Intermission, you will still be considered to be enrolled at Monash University. You will not be discontinued from your course. If you wish to withdraw from your course, please complete the process to discontinue from your course. We recommend that you seek course advice to discuss all of your options.