Bachelor of Architectural Design

Combine your creative vision and technical expertise to shape the future of society, through great design in the built environment.

You’ll learn to think beyond the building to create inspiring and sustainable solutions that transform the way we live, and spaces, places, and communities that improve our quality of life.

A selection of works from our graduating Architectural Design students, as presented in MADA Now 2020. Explore more...

Career possibilities

The Bachelor of Architectural Design is the first step on the journey to becoming an architect, and forms part of a five‐year specialist degree with the Master of Architecture. Graduates from Monash have gone on to work in private practices and for government, as urban designers, planning consultants, policy advisors, project managers, town planners, and more.

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How the course works

You’ll study every aspect of architecture in this hands-on, studio-based degree. There is no need to have previously studied any design subjects as our first year has been developed to ensure all students gain the necessary foundation skills in freehand and computer-aided drawing to be successful in the degree and within architectural practice.

In Year 1 Foundation Studios, you’ll learn how to use the architectural design processes of investigation and experimentation, exploring materials, crafts, space and unexpected environments. You’ll learn how to question design propositions and explore architectural design-thinking through the making of architectural objects.

Foundation Studios: 50%, Architecture Communications: 25%, Architectural Performance: 12%, History and Theory: 12%

Drawing and modelling skills are vital to an architect. Also in Year 1, we’ll teach you how to use computer-aided drafting (CAD) software and develop CAD modelling and drawing skills in both two and three dimensions.

Design Studios: 50%, History and Theory: 25%, Architectural Performance: 25%

In Year 2, you’ll be introduced to architects and designers from across Melbourne and around the world as they pitch ideas for Design Studio projects you can work on together. You’ll choose two in Year 2 – which ones are up to you! The Studio is a collaborative environment – you’ll be working in small groups to develop a range of creative interventions and responses to a wide variety of social and spatial issues, just like you would in an actual architecture firm.

Design Studios: 50%, History and Theory: 12%, Architectural Performance: 12%, Electives or Double Degree: 25%

You’ll choose two more Design Studios in Year 3. Through your choices, you’ll build your skills in specific areas, expand your understanding of architectural possibilities, and gain experience aligning with your interests and career aspirations.

Year 3 is also the point where you’ll want to consider your next steps. To become a practising architect, you’ll need to continue your studies with the two-year Master of Architecture – as a Bachelor graduate, you’re guaranteed entry into the course.

It’s not the only path, though. You could choose to graduate after Year 3 and apply your knowledge and skills as an urban designer, property developer or consultant. Or you could take the two-year Master of Urban Planning and Design to make your mark on the world by helping cities of the future respond to the challenges of accommodating growing populations, adapting to climate change, and more.

Professional recognition

Monash University’s Bachelor of Architectural Design is accredited by the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV), under the national program jointly owned by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) and the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA).

Study options,
Entry requirements,
and How to apply

It’s your choice: you can study the Bachelor of Architectural Design as a single degree, or, with two extra years of study, graduate with two degrees by including it as part of a double degree.

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Single degree

Double degree

Top 5 reasons to study Architecture at Monash


Work on transformational and real-life projects

You’ll have the opportunity to work on integrative and transformational real‐life projects that are important to the future of our cities and our planet, from designing sustainable and affordable housing to investigating the impact of rising sea levels on suburbs and towns.


Think like an architect of the future

Through creative and critical thinking you’ll learn to seek out problems and solve complex design challenges.


Imagine new environments

You’ll go beyond buildings, and shape how we live, work and play by contributing to the common good of society and a sustainable and equitable world.


Be future-work ready

You’ll graduate ready to work in fast‐paced and dynamic environments where agility, adaptability and inventiveness are essential; attributes that will be in high demand by employers of the future, across a variety of industries.


Learn from the best

You’ll learn from award‐winning architects, engaged lecturers and curious and imaginative researchers who are regarded among the best architectural design teachers in Australia. Our interdisciplinary expertise is recognised by local and international industry, institutions and government.

Meet our graduates

Monash grads seek to make a positive difference in the world by taking on global problems and solving them with innovative design solutions. We’d like to introduce you to some of them. More graduates...

Image: Architecture students give their work a final once-over prior to the opening of our annual graduate exhibition.