Industry impact reaps rewards for our Mollie Holman Medal winner

Monash Architecture PhD candidate Dr Ivana Kuzmanovska has been awarded the 2021 Mollie Holman Medal for her exemplary investigation into the design-production relationship in construction.

Ivana Kuzmanovska is committed to making a difference. Her PhD thesis investigating the concept of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) in industrialised construction is certainly having an impact - within Monash Art, Design and Architecture and across the construction industry.

While DfMA is often undertaken with a heavy engineering focus, Ivana applied her architectural training and background to develop a design-led approach tailored specifically to building design and construction, incorporating big picture thinking and holistic solutions for application in practical industry settings.

Ivana’s research focussed largely on project-based ‘live’ outputs associated with commercially-led construction projects as part of the Future Building Initiative. Industry innovator, Lendlease were a key partner and Ivana was regularly invited to present at Lendlease’s construction forums and internal workshops - with this industry-focussed impact set to continue.

Ivana is now undertaking a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship with the Future Building Initiative to work on industry-led construction innovation research projects within Building 4.0 CRC.

Ivana expands: ‘In any given building project it is important to understand the various factors at play, what the trade-offs are and how to balance them. Expanding the scope of DfMA from a very narrow, technical focus to include broader design considerations enables a better understanding of how design decisions impact the design-production-assembly (and also disassembly) value chain for better overall outcomes. My current research looks to continue this investigation by focusing specifically on the design of various building components, such as low carbon floor cassettes, and prefabricated wall systems.

‘Finishing a PhD in lockdown during a global pandemic had its challenges, but it all came together in the end and receiving the Mollie Holman medal is a wonderful validation. I’m very excited that my work in this area can continue.’

About the Mollie Holman Medal

The Mollie Holman Medal was established in 1998 and is named after the late pioneering physiologist, Emeritus Professor Mollie Holman AO, in honour of her significant contributions to science and education. This is the highest honour for Monash PhD candidates presented for each faculty’s best thesis of the year.

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