Informal Cities Lab

The Informal Cities Lab is led by MADA Prof Diego Ramírez-Lovering and includes:

Dr Michaela Prescott, Research Fellow
Prof Mohamed El-Sioufi, Professor of Architecture
Dr Meredith Dobbie, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Anna Leersnyder, Civil Engineer
Brendan Josey, PhD Candidate
Dasha Spasojevic, PhD Candidate
Erich Wolff, PhD Candidate
Mahsa Mesgar, PhD Candidate
Daniela Tinios, Graduate of Architecture

Past members include Hesam Kamalipour, Raul Marino and Amalie Wright.

The Informal Cities Lab seeks to address wicked, multidimensional challenges through research and development activities spanning spatial, social and economic dimensions.

We do so through engaging with a coalition of partners working across sectors and disciplines.

We pursue a research model – Transdisciplinary Impact Research – which sets an arc from discovery research (new knowledge and innovation) that can go on to be tested on the ground through implementation working closely with governments, communities and the development sector.