Informal Cities Lab

The Informal Cities Lab is led by MADA Prof Diego Ramírez-Lovering and includes:

Dr Michaela Prescott, Research Fellow
Prof Mohamed El-Sioufi, Professor of Architecture
Dr Meredith Dobbie, Adjunct Senior Research Fellow

Amalie Wright, Landscape Architect
Anna Leersnyder, Civil Engineer
Brendan Josey, PhD Candidate
Dasha Spasojevic, PhD Candidate
Erich Wolff, PhD Candidate
Mahsa Mesgar, PhD Candidate

The Informal Cities Lab undertakes design-based, action research into and within the conditions of informality in developing cities.

With a focus on the Asia-Pacific region, the Lab works collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams and international development stakeholders at the intersection of academic research and international development.

The Lab explores critical questions surrounding the socio-political, environmental and economic contexts and their relationship to transforming urban slum environments.


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