Net zero precincts: Citizen data commons and technological sovereignty

Engaging users of Net Zero Precincts to have a say on the privacy of their data.



  • Dr Sarah Goodwin
    Dr Daren Sharp
    Prof Rob Raven
    Monash University
  • Prof Lyn Bartram
    Simon Fraser University

Funded by

  • Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Support Program, Monash University

This study will improve our understanding of citizen’s data concerns, which will enable to develop an open data commons and the development of a data governance framework at the precinct level.

Liton Kamruzzaman

The Net Zero Precincts research and education program uses the Clayton campus as a living lab for experimenting with decarbonisation.

This study engages ‘precinct citizens’, including residents, local employees as well as University staff and students, through a participatory engagement process, to build trusted partnerships and develop citizen-focused recommendations for best practice on data governance for Monash’s Net Zero Precincts program.