Net zero precincts: Citizen data commons and technological sovereignty

Engaging users of Net Zero Precincts to have a say on the privacy of their data.



  • Dr Sarah Goodwin
    Dr Daren Sharp
    Prof Rob Raven
    Monash University
  • Prof Lyn Bartram
    Simon Fraser University

Funded by

  • Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Support Program, Monash University

This study will improve our understanding of citizen’s data concerns, which will enable to develop an open data commons and the development of a data governance framework at the precinct level.

Liton Kamruzzaman
Urban Planning and Design researchers are involved in the Net Zero Precincts research and education program, which uses the Clayton campus as a living lab for experimenting with decarbonisation.

This study engages ‘precinct citizens’, including residents, local employees as well as University staff and students, through a participatory engagement process, to build trusted partnerships and develop citizen-focused recommendations for best practice on data governance for Monash’s Net Zero Precincts program.

Learn more about the project at the Monash Data Futures Institute website.