Cancer Development and Treatment group

Research overview

The Cancer Development and Treatment laboratory is located on Level 4 of the Burnet Institute, Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct (AMREP). Focusing mostly on melanoma, our laboratory works to elucidate mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression, and to develop new therapies. We aim to improve the prevention and treatment of malignant diseases. A broad range of resources are used in our work, including transgenic mice and patient samples collected via the Alfred Cancer Biobank.

Typical methods used in our lab include:

  • Patient-derived xenograft (PDX)
  • DNA/RNA sequencing
  • Flow cytometry
  • Immunohistochemistry

If you are interested in joining our laboratory as a placement, honours, MD, PhD student, you are welcome to contact the project leads directly or via

Group Leader

Principal Investigators

The group

2023 group L-R Back: Safira Sari, Chris Chew, Youfang Zhang, Mark Shackleton, Miles Andrews. Front: Peinan Zhao, Pacman Szeto, Gamze Kuser Abali, Jen Cheung, Akram Bakhani, Dung Doan. Absent: Malaka Ameratunga, Isobele Leece, Fumihito Noguchi