Development of a Mornington Peninsula residential aged care research network


To create a research network that will allow ongoing communications between researchers and residential aged care stakeholders to reduce the evidence-practice gap.

Did you know?

On average, it takes 17 years for high-quality evidence to be translated into best practice clinical care, policy change and long-term sustainable practice.

About the research

The Mornington Peninsula Residential Aged Care Research Network (RACReN) will provide an alternative to the conventional evidence-practice process, by bringing together the disparate and disconnected stakeholder groups of customers, researchers and providers. Adopting a co-design approach, stakeholders in the network will contribute to making decisions for the development of the network and setting research priorities to direct ongoing research efforts at Monash University.

The research aims to learn three key things:

  1. How to best engage different stakeholders
  2. How to make the engagement sustainable and ongoing
  3. How to convert this engagement into excellent research and therefore allow faster changes to our health services system and a reduced evidence-practice gap

A reduced evidence-practice gap will allow the community to benefit from relevant research more rapidly.

RACReN will provide an ongoing and scalable platform for the NCHA to engage with the residential aged care sector and leverage emerging opportunities in data linkage to identify and address research and quality improvement priorities of local, national and international importance.


Dr Katrina Long provides an overview of the
"Development of the Mornington Peninsula residential aged care research network".

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