Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice


Monash University has been a leader in postgraduate  education and training for Intensive Care Paramedics as well as within the  field of Aeromedical and Retrieval, facilitating the highest levels of  pre-hospital care in the world.  The  Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice will support current and experienced  paramedics in improving their clinical practice and knowledge related to the  delivery of emergency health services. This course is designed to prepare  students for clinical leadership, education and research positions. Students  will extend their clinical practice by initially undertaking specialist  paramedic intensive care or aeromedical and retrieval training. Students will complete training in advanced clinical leadership and  decision-making as well as advanced techniques enabling you to provide the  highest level of pre-hospital care fin a specialist area of paramedic practice.  Students will explore clinical practice within an integrated emergency medical  system and consider the issues and trends that influence scope of practice and  service delivery. Students will complete study in clinical research methodology  for emergency health and have the option of undertaking a clinical project or  other electives from an elective option suite in order to facilitate clinical  practice at a specialist level. Students may choose to complete a research  project which can be used to provide a pathway into higher degrees by research  (subject to meeting separate HDR entry requirements).

The Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice  will support experienced paramedics in improving current knowledge, skills and  clinical practice, in order to prepare for specialist clinical positions, as  well as for leadership, education and research roles. The Master of Specialist  Paramedic Practice includes a nested graduate certificate for the aeromedical  and retrieval specialisation, as well as a graduate diploma for the intensive  care and extended care specialisations that students can take as an early exit  award from this program.

The Master of Specialist Paramedic  Practice course duration is 1.5 years (full-time), or 3 years (part-time).

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Full fee-paying students may be eligible to  apply for the optional FEE-HELP to assist tuition fees.

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